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Over the past few weeks more women have been getting in touch with me to ask how yoga can help them. We are more aware and informed about the effects of the menopause and the physical changes and lower self-esteem that can come along with it and there are several ways in which yoga can help:

· Improving your posture raises self-esteem

· Regulating and deepening your breathing can help with feelings of anxiety

· Easing tension helps to reduce pain

A balanced yoga practice also builds strength and many women find they regain their flexibility and improve their overall muscle tone.

The solution some people are finding really helpful at the moment is to come to me for one to one yoga sessions. I’ve been teaching yoga for over 35 years and I design each session specially for you to help build confidence, body awareness and to help you gain a good understanding of yoga. Sometimes my clients continue to see me on a one to one basis and others feel ready to join a class.

Whether you are new to yoga, a lapsed yogi or just want to give yoga a try, I’d love to see you. And experienced yogis also benefit from one to one sessions as I can coach you on an individual basis and maybe help you to achieve that posture or breathing technique you’ve always wanted to practise!

Why not come and see me at the Natural Health Centre in Woodbridge? Do get in touch for a free chat about how I can help you through life’s changes!

Izzy Ixer BWY Dip, MCMI

British Wheel of Yoga Tutor and Coach

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