Practice at home plan

If you would prefer to develop your own practice at home, I offer a home practice package at the Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre, specially designed for you. It’s just £99 and here are the details:

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What does the plan offer?

Introductory session

Tell me about yourself, your goals for your yoga practice, any health issues you feel are relevant and help me to get to know you. Following this session I will prepare a personalised practice plan for you with illustrations of the postures, ready for your next session.

Half hour

Introduction to your plan

Go through the practice plan to ensure that you feel confident to practise the postures and breathing techniques safely in your own home.

1 hour

Follow up session

Discuss progress, make any adjustments to the plan ready to continue your home practice with confidence.

1 hour

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Experience the transformative power of a yoga journey tailored just for you. By understanding your unique goals and health considerations, this personalized approach ensures an optimized and safer practice. With illustrated posture guides, gain the confidence to seamlessly integrate yoga into your home routine. As you progress, benefit from dedicated check-ins that refine your plan, ensuring it continually aligns with your evolving needs. Dive into this holistic experience and witness enhanced well-being, both mentally and physically.