About Me

Explore Izzy Yoga: a journey in Hatha Yoga for physical wellness, mental clarity, and spiritual growth.

About Me

Professional Yoga Instruction from an experienced teacher

I am qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga and have over 30 years’ teaching experience . I love sharing new learning with my classes and in one to one sessions and regularly attend professional development events with experts such as Philip Xerri, Gary Carter, Zoe Knott and Lesley Isaacson.

Physical Wellness: It helps in improving flexibility, strength, and balance.

Mental Clarity and Focus: Through breath control and meditation, Hatha yoga encourages mindfulness, concentration, and mental calmness.

Connection and Balance: Hatha yoga emphasises the connection between mind and body, promoting a sense of inner balance and awareness.

My Experience

I love the way yoga can help people of all ages and at all stages in their lives and over the years I have had the pleasure of sharing and adapting yoga in so many ways



Clients needing support for physical and mental wellbeing or burnout

Problems associated with poor posture

Regaining balance, strength and mobility as your body ages

Recovery after surgery

Recovery from illness or injury

Preparing for marathon running

Women going into perimenopause

Women experiencing symptoms of the menopause

My Services

My Qualifications

British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma

The British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma is a rigorous 2-4 year UK-based program that blends practical and theoretical learning, culminating in a qualification that certifies graduates as well-versed and competent yoga instructors.

Online Yoga training qualification with the Institute of Yoga Sports Science

The Institute of Yoga Sports Science offers an online yoga training qualification designed to integrate scientific principles of sports science with yoga, equipping instructors to enhance athletic performance and reduce injury risk through tailored yoga programs.

ILM Level 5 qualified coach

An ILM Level 5 qualified coach has completed a rigorous program focusing on developing advanced coaching skills, including management strategies, leadership development, and organizational change, recognized by the Institute of Leadership & Management.

Institute of Yoga Sports Science – The Science of Teaching Yoga to Athletes

The Science of Teaching Yoga to Athletes from the Institute of Yoga Sports Science is a specialized course that equips yoga instructors with the knowledge and skills to apply scientific principles and tailored yoga techniques to enhance athletic performance and recovery.

Dementia Awareness trained

“Dementia Awareness trained” signifies that an individual has completed training designed to increase understanding of dementia, its impacts, and how to provide supportive care for those affected.

British Wheel of Yoga First Aid trained

British Wheel of Yoga First Aid trained indicates an individual has undergone specific first aid training tailored to the potential needs and scenarios encountered in a yoga practice setting, as prescribed by the British Wheel of Yoga standards.


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“I look forward to each yoga session with Izzy; it is like entering an oasis of calm and clear focus which lasts far beyond the session itself. Izzy is always able to adapt her plans to meet my needs on the day and to restore me to a sense of balance.”


I decided to take up yoga when I retired from my career and feel really lucky to have found Izzy.  I have enjoyed her classes and I always look forward to my one to one sessions with her both face to face and online.  My confidence and understanding of Hatha yoga have grown and I am able to practise independently at home, knowing that I can seek guidance and advice from Izzy when I need it.


“Izzy brings her knowledge of yoga to our regular sessions and is always able to inspire me with a new way of seeing my yoga practice.  This encourages me to practise regularly and improve.”


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Embrace tranquility, strength, and balance. Begin your transformative yoga journey with us today. Your body and mind will thank you.