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Embark on a transformative journey with me, where each pose and breath connects you deeper to your inner self. Discover serenity, build strength, and find balance in both mind and body. Begin your path to holistic wellbeing today

Our Approach

Mindful Movement

Embark on a transformative journey with us at Izzy Yoga. Our sessions are carefully curated to bring out the harmony between the mind and body, guiding you towards a state of inner peace and strength.

“Yoga is not just a physical exercise; it’s a holistic approach to well-being. With each pose and breath, we aim to build resilience, flexibility, and tranquility. Join us and experience the rejuvenating power of mindful movement.”

Our Classes

Get started with yoga today

Yoga One to One

One to one Yoga coaching is good for getting started with Yoga and for progressing your own practice too.

Individually tailored sessions also mean that you can tackle those tricky postures or improve your breathing techniques so that you get the most out of your regular classes.


When you join our yoga classes you can be sure of a warm welcome and encouragement to get the most out of your yoga sessions. Our friendly groups at Melton and at Martlesham Heath are based on a classical Hatha yoga practice and include postures, breathing techniques and relaxation.

Izzy and Linda provide advice and support and our structured approach means you can do as little or as much as you feel is right for you.

Yoga Online

Online Yoga Sessions allow you to experience the benefits of a yoga session, tailored for your needs and from the comfort of your own home. One-off sessions of 1 hour are available or you can book a block of sessions and enjoy them as and when you wish.

This type of yoga is especially suited to those who have caring and other home commitments or who prefer to practise Hatha yoga in their home environment. All sessions are designed special for you.

Why Choose Us

Why start yoga?

Weekly yoga classes encourage you to develop your yoga and include postures for strength and flexibility, breathing techniques for calming or energising and relaxation techniques to bring a sense of calm and wellbeing.

One to one sessions ensure that the focus is entirely on one person’s needs, goals, and challenges. This allows for more tailored guidance and feedback, making it easier to address specific issues or areas of interest.

Some clients prefer one to one, individually tailored sessions and others enjoy both options.

For beginners, a few one to one sessions help to develop key skills and mean that you can join the classes with confidence and gain benefit from them straightaway.


The Best of Yoga

Pain Relief

Easing tension, improving alignment and building strength are important elements of managing and relieving pain.


Good posture helps you to feel energised and confident. It also allows you to breathe more freely.

Stress Relief

Understanding your body and learning how to control your breathing are important tools which will help you to feel calmer and more in control.


Problems with sleeping? Learning ways to relax and calm your body and mind can help you to develop better sleep routines and enable you to feel more rested.

Strength Building

If you have ever wondered why you don’t feel as strong as you used to and felt that you would like to regain your strength then yoga can help! Often popular for its ability to improve flexibility, yoga is about achieving a balance between strength and flexibility.

Injury Recovery

You may be surprised to discover how much yoga you can do while recovering from a sporting or other injury. Using support and practising from a seated position helps you to retain the strength you have while protecting your injury while it heals.

Expert instruction

Visit My YouTube!

3 Steps to Dog Face Down

Work through these 3 steps gently and at your own pace to develop your practice of Dog Face Down. The first step is suitable for beginners – the second and third steps are for more advanced yogis.


What People Are Saying

“I look forward to each yoga session with Izzy; it is like entering an oasis of calm and clear focus which lasts far beyond the session itself. Izzy is always able to adapt her plans to meet my needs on the day and to restore me to a sense of balance.”


I decided to take up yoga when I retired from my career and feel really lucky to have found Izzy.  I have enjoyed her classes and I always look forward to my one to one sessions with her both face to face and online.  My confidence and understanding of Hatha yoga have grown and I am able to practise independently at home, knowing that I can seek guidance and advice from Izzy when I need it.


“Izzy brings her knowledge of yoga to our regular sessions and is always able to inspire me with a new way of seeing my yoga practice.  This encourages me to practise regularly and improve.”


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