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Yoga classes and one-to-one sessions still available online

You can still enjoy your yoga in a group 

or one-to-one online

Our face to face classes start on 7 September at Melton and in Martlesham Heath.   And we are also continuing with our online group sessions and one to one sessions.  

Find IzzyYoga on YouTube - click here  Youtube 

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Yoga one-to-one sessions online using Zoom or face to face near Woodbridge

  • The Georgy Jamieson special - 1 hour reminder session to go over the postures and  breathing we've been doing on the radio every Saturday morning!  1 hour group or individual session
  • Beginners - get the basics of yoga right in 1 hour online sessions at a time to suit you
  • Advanced - maintain your yoga practice and focus on areas you would like to develop while your regular class is on hold - 1 hour sessions at a time to suit you
  • Masterclass - focus on a particular posture you would like to develop - 1/2 hour online session and access to follow-up YouTube videos
  • Get back to yoga after a break - it's easier than you think  with my 1 hour sessions!
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