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Yoga classes and one-to-one sessions go online

Enjoy your yoga in a group 

or one-to-one online

We hope to be able to offer face to face yoga sessions indoors for groups from May 2021.  In the meantime, here are some different ways to enjoy your yoga

Find IzzyYoga on YouTube - click here  Youtube 

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Yoga one-to-one sessions online using Zoom

  • The Georgy Jamieson special - 1 hour reminder session to go over the postures and  breathing we've been doing on the radio every Saturday morning!  1 hour group or individual session
  • Beginners - get the basics of yoga right in 1 hour online sessions at a time to suit you
  • Advanced - maintain your yoga practice and focus on areas you would like to develop while your regular class is on hold - 1 hour sessions at a time to suit you
  • Masterclass - focus on a particular posture you would like to develop - 1/2 hour online session and access to follow-up YouTube videos
  • Get back to yoga after a break - it's easier than you think  with my 1 hour sessions!
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